Digital Innovation K.J.R.Tech.Co.,Ltd

The world's leading information and communications Special parts, special machine parts and Excellent company to manufacture special parts developed car.

Multiple operating systems to provide a pleasant working environment, and we're always trying to improve the working environment of employees.

  • Statutory Benefits

    4 insurance, annual comply with legal standards
  • Company restaurant Operating

    사내식당 운영 중식제공, 야간근무자 석식제공
  • Compensation

    Once a year Excellent Temple and four won Best Award
  • Support family Events

    Gyeongjogeum paid vacations and family events in the event
  • Support self-development

    Education support
  • Health counseling

    Monthly medical visits conducted health counseling
  • Department unity

    1-2 times a year, conduct outings and sports events
  • Holiday gifts

    Lunar New year, Chuseok holiday gifts paid